BlackBerry Explores Strategic Alliance With Delphi Automotive

Perhaps building an entire autonomous car might not be a part of Blackberry’s immediate plans, but its recent association with Delphi Automotive might have just laid the foundation for the future. Delphi Automotive has been a pioneer, when it comes to making specific components for autonomous systems. Its turnkey self-driving system called CSLP will hit the market for production in 2021.

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With Blackberry, the two companies will work on a software operating system for self-driving cars. Glen De Vos, Delphi’s chief technology officer, said BlackBerry QNX would provide an operating system that was already certified to high levels of safety for Delphi’s CSLP system, which uses software developed by Delphi’s Ottomatika unit.

You have to have all these pieces together, otherwise what you have is a demo…

Glen De Vos, Delphi’s CTO

BlackBerry said its operating system would help guard against cyber attacks, malware and system malfunctions – critical concerns for self-driving vehicles.

BlackBerry Explores Strategic Alliance With Delphi Automotive

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