“Bitcoin” Records Highest Number Of Searches Since November 2019 On Google

"Bitcoin" Records Highest Number Of Searches Since November 2019 On Google

With the market value of Bitcoin going and hovering slightly around the $5000 mark, lot of crypto ethusiasts have been keeping a keen eye on the market. Search Engine giant Google has indicated that, it has a seen a rise in the search for “Bitcoin” over the past 19 weeks … Read the rest

JP Morgan Roles Out Numerous Number Of Blockchain Related Jobs

The largescale adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology became the talk of the town when mainstream companies started adopting it to rebuild their financial and organizational structure. JPMorgan became the biggest depository in the United States when it recently made news with the launch of its own cryptocurrency, JPM Coin. … Read the rest

US Payment Gateway HadePay gets Bitfury’s Lightning Payments systems.

HadePay the US Payment gateway has implemented BitFury’s lightning payment systems Peach API to offer faster and cheaper transaction rates to its customers.

The new partnership will allow merchants to accept Lightning Network based transactions and open up countless possibilities for businesses to serve customers globally.



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Insurance Giant AXA XL Launches Security Token and Crowdfunding Insurance Service

According to a Press release published on March 6, Insurance giant AXA XL and insurance technology startup Assurely have jointly launched a new insurance product covering equity crowdfunding and Security Token Offerings (STOs).

Their product CrowdProtector is designed for investors to protect new online capital formation strategies like equity crowdfunding … Read the rest

Top 7 Blockchain Jobs to Look Out in 2019

The top blockchain jobs to look for this year are:

Levelten Top 7 Blockchain Technology Jobs in 2019

1. Blockchain Software Engineer

A Blockchain company requires software engineers who can understand and apply the technology in blockchain solutions. A blockchain software engineer is the most sought after job in the industry.

The solutions for specific areas will vary Read the rest