Canadian Driverless Companies Gearing Up For Hackers With ‘Nefarious’ Intent

Hollywood in the past, has already honed in on the potential risk of cars being hacked, with movies like The Fate of the Furious depicting super-villains sowing chaos by steering hundreds of hacked cars through New York City. But as movie makers let their imaginations run wild, manufacturers, governments and … Read the rest

Thales Drives Cyber-Security Forward For Connected And Autonomous Cars

Connected cars are a reality, most modern vehicles on the road nowadays have some form of connectivity to the open world. This raises important challenges on multiple software integration and cybersecurity. To address this challenge, Thales, through its German company Sysgo, and Vector, the Stuttgart-based specialist for automotive embedded electronics … Read the rest

BlackBerry Develops ‘Jarvis’ – A Cyber Security Program For Driverless Cars

BlackBerry Develops 'Jarvis' - A Cyber Security Program For Driverless Cars
  • BlackBerry has launched a cyber security software aimed at protecting Driverless Cars
  • The software is called Jarvis and it identifies the vulnerabilities in the softwares used for Driverless Cars
  • Jarvis is currently being tested by big automakers including Jaguar and Land Rover

As cars become more reliant on software, it’s … Read the rest

Tech Experts Highlight Graving Security Concerns With Regards To Driverless Cars

The threats that are being posed to driverless cars are exponential and beyond any man’s comprehension. Imagine, nine million cars in the United Kingdom that are connected to small computers which in turn control systems such as brakes or power steering; these miniature computers communicate with each other to control … Read the rest

Managing Information And Security Hold Key To Autonomous Car Makers

With autonomous cars, looming about in the 21st century- Traditional car manufacturers are now forming alliances with ride sharing and tech companies, resulting in breakthrough innovations and swifter actions. All these innovations are primarily down to one major aspect that is, Managing the Data.

For driverless cars to run efficiently … Read the rest