2nd HandsOn: Basics of Machine Learning



In the last meet-up held on 13th Jan was actually our 4th Hands-On, but we are calling it 1st, as we covered all the basics in that one. It was made spectacular by double attendance (98 people attended it in 2 sessions). Thanks for that!

What will we do in 2nd Hands-On?
We will continue building our basics while moving to basic concepts of Machine Learning. We are looking at ML from a practical point of view, rather than theoretical. We will cover basics in depth if they are being used in real life. We are more focused towards Deep Neural Network while using Computer Vision to ease the computing load.
In second Hands-On we will cover:
1. What is Convolution and how does it help?
2. How do we build layers and why layered structure helps?
3. You will run your first Neural Network on your system (if you haven’t done so)!

• What to bring or Pre-Requisites?
1. You must bring your Laptop.
2. You MUST have Python “3.4” or up installed.
3. You MUST have OpenCV-CONTRIB installed. Notice the CONTRIB here.

4. Ideally, you should have both Jupyter as well as direct command line access to Python 3.4
Some cool ideas on how can we convert this group into an active community.

• This is a PAID Session! (What?)
Yes, this is a PAID session. But instead of money, you need to bring in 25 “different” images of number plates of Indian Vehicles. We are building Number Plate DataBase and we need your help. We will collect the files once you arrive at the venue.

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