4th HandsOn: Getting started with Machine Learning


This is the brand new beginning for Machine Learning HandsOn series. We have condensed our learning from last 5 meetups, three of which were HandsOn to create this new HandsOn series which will serve as the learning and implementation backbone of this community.

What happened in Last three meetups?
In last three Meetups we covered BASICS101 (Python, Numpy, Linear Classifiers and Classifications). Content is up on our blog.

What will we cover in 2018?
New year, new beginning!

We will start from where we left while quickly brushing through the basics again, so anyone can start with us.

What’s special in the 4th HandsOn Meetup?
We will launch our coursera style website with test locked content. We will cover the basics of data manipulation as well as OpenCV. We will also release sample code for you to get a feeling of what is about to come.

What should I do till 13th Jan?
Read our blog and finish the exercises.

What should I bring in for the meetup?
Laptop is must!

What if I have more questions?
Join us at our slack channel and we will help you out!

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