Front-end Engineering Meetup


What exactly is Functional Programming? Can I do it with JavaScript? Why should I even care? Have you heard about Elm? Anyway, Aspect-oriented programming? Oh! and that new tooling library which gives framework-agnostic Web Components? I just heard about an awesome package manager that doesn’t need any configuration.

Hold on! Take a deep breath. Because a lot of this and much more will be zip packed and presented to you. If you are a hands-on Web Front-end Engineer, come, join us for an exceptional technical retreat!

IMPORTANT NOTE: RSVP from is only for showing ‘interest to attend’ and does not confirm your seat. Please wait for final invitation from us separately. There is a small formality involved.


• Harshal Patil, Front-end Architect, Monjin

• Ram Shinde, Front-end Engineer, ThoughWorks

• Vishal Telangre, Software Engineer, BigBinary

• Niranjan Borawake, Front-end Engineer, Credit Suisse

• Priya Revalkar, Software Engineer, Dell EMC

• Kumar Bhot, Front-end Engineer, Dell EMC

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