Lets Build an Autonomous Car – Part 1


“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”

As the saying goes, lets roll up our sleeves and build a DRIVER-LESS Car from scratch.

We have estimated a 25 Days effort to build a POC of an Intelligent Level 5 Driver-less Car. We will split this effort across 25 workshops ( Saturdays ).

Agenda of this meetup:
In this meetup lets discuss the entire plan for this project.
In Autonomous cars there are 5 Levels. We will layout a framework to spread-out the development across 25 Saturdays to Level1, Level2, Level3, Level4 & finally Level5 Autonomity. Based on the plan, we will proceed in the following workshops.

Lets also pool in all our resources and rope in all the experts who are ready to contribute to this effort ( AI experts, ML experts, Sensor Fusion professionals, IOT experts, Programmers, VR/Gaming programmers, Obstacle detection programmers etc. )

Who is this for?
– Driver-less cars enthusiasts, who would like to get their hands dirty.
– AI, ML, Deep learning, IOT, DIP, DSP, VR/AR, Big Science, Neural Network enthusiasts & programmers.
– Career aspirants who want a build a career in this space.

Is this a FREE event?
YES. The plan is to keep it FREE.

But Why?
Autonomous / Driverless cars are the future. Its time we get to know about this multi Billion Dollar industry. Will help everyone involved gain a TON of knowledge.

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