Regular ML HandsOn Meet


• What we’ll do
We are rebooting ML Bangalore Meetup. Nothing works better than hands-on experience. So, in this meet-up, I wanted to invite those who would want to be a part of developing this community into an active lab, where we can teach, learn and solve problems. We recently created solutions on superresolution, live 3d reconstruction, real-time embeddings search in millions of images, video compression up-to 300% on top of HEVC, and have worked on some super cool experiments like Zero-Shot Learning, Correlation vs Convolutions, depth from Monocular image, etc.

Let’s meet up and let’s define how we can shape this group into a platform of choice for experts as well as beginners.

• What to bring
Some cool ideas on how can we convert this group into an active community.

• Important to know
This is a reboot, we would be discussing the fresh DNA of this group. This first meet-up is for the leaders who would love to learn more, and then lead the group’s initiatives.

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