[Workshop] Distributed TensorFlow AI + GPU + Model Optimizing Serving (20%)

What we’ll do

This workshop is 100% online and targeted to the European markets. Everyone who registers will get a GPU cloud instance!!

Webinar instructions are at the bottom of this description.

Time: 9am – 1pm Ireland Time

Title: PipelineIO Distributed TensorFlow AI + GPU Workshop

MUST RSVP!! A GPU-based cloud instance will be provided to each registered attendee as part of this event.


We will each build an end-to-end, continuous TensorFlow AI model training and deployment pipeline on our own GPU-based cloud instance.

At the end, we will combine our cloud instances to create the LARGEST Distributed TensorFlow AI Training and Serving Cluster in the WORLD!


Just a modern browser and an internet connection. We’ll provide the rest!


Spark ML

TensorFlow AI

Storing and Serving Models with HDFS

Trade-offs of CPU vs. *GPU, Scale Up vs. Scale Out

CUDA + cuDNN GPU Development Overview

TensorFlow Model Checkpointing, Saving, Exporting, and Importing

Distributed TensorFlow AI Model Training (Distributed TensorFlow)

TensorFlow’s Accelerated Linear Algebra Framework (XLA)

TensorFlow’s Just-in-Time (JIT) Compiler, Ahead of Time (AOT) Compiler

Centralized Logging and Visualizing of Distributed TensorFlow Training (Tensorboard)

Distributed TensorFlow AI Model Serving/Predicting (TensorFlow Serving)

Centralized Logging and Metrics Collection (Prometheus, Grafana)

Continuous TensorFlow AI Model Deployment (TensorFlow, Airflow)

Hybrid Cross-Cloud and On-Premise Deployments (Kubernetes)

High-Performance and Fault-Tolerant Micro-services (NetflixOSS)

20% Off Here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pipelineai-distributed-spark-ml-tensorflow-ai-gpu-workshop-tickets-35387827946?discount=ADVANCEDTENSORFLOW20

Webinar Instructions

At 8am Ireland Time on the morning of this workshop, we will email the Webinar details to your email address registered with Eventbrite.

If this email address is not up to date – or you do not get the email by 8am Ireland Time – please email your Eventbrite confirmation to [masked] and we’ll send you the details.

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