Denmark To Lend Key Support To The EU Blockchain Alliance, As It Looks To Reshape Its Logistics Industry


Danish Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Brian Mikkelsen, has signed a declaration pledging to a partnership on blockchain development with 22 other European countries. Logistics management is one of the blockchain’s most promising applications. And according to Mikkelsen, Denmark intends to use the technology to manage ship registry—and … Read the rest

Samsung Unveils Blockchain Platform To ‘Enhance Competitiveness’ Of Financial Businesses


South Korean electronics giant Samsung is launching its own blockchain platform Nexfinance for finance-related businesses, the company announced in a press release. Samsung SDS, the corporation’s IT arm, confirmed the platform would cater to digital finance businesses looking to transform their structures using cutting-edge technology.

In addition to blockchain, Nexfinance … Read the rest

Bitcoin Documentry Acquired By Blockchain Media Company At The Cannes Film Festival


Blockchain media company Slate Entertainment Group revealed its ‘seven figure deal’ on acquiring rights for a documentary about blockchain during the Cannes film festival. Slate intends to broadcast the documentary Beyond Bitcoin via its blockchain based online streaming platform Binge. The decentralized Binge platform provides low-cost, high-speed, high-definition media access … Read the rest