Blockchain Can Support Small Businesses, To Ward Of Competition From The Top Guns

Businesses that embrace modern digital technologies see significantly higher growth margins than those that are slow to adopt them. But while large companies like Microsoft and IBM are already applying blockchain to their infrastructures, small businesses are lagging when it comes to implementing the technology. Data has become the lifeblood … Read the rest

Vilnius In Lithuania, Providing Massive Opportunities For Blockchain Startups

Europe’s first international Blockchain Centre launched its operations in Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania. The launch attracted entrepreneurs, investors, key decision-makers and experts from around the world. It is the first facility of its kind on the continent. The global network of Blockchain Centres includes Melbourne, Shanghai, and now, … Read the rest

To Manage Business Funds, ICO Startup Turns To Blockchain To Find Solutions

As the world of cryptocurrency evolves and becomes a normalized alternative to physical currency, a growing number of progressive companies are utilizing ICOs as viable means of raising capital. These unconventional funding and payment sources allow founders to raise rounds from investors who are intrigued by their product and vision, … Read the rest

BMW, GM, Ford Launch Blockchain Research Group For The Automotive Industry

Automotive companies General Motors, BMW, Ford and Renault are joining forces to create a blockchain technology group. MOBI — the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative — launched today with more than 30 founding members. The group wants to make transportation ““safer, more affordable, and more widely accessible using blockchain technology.”

Blockchain … Read the rest

Salesforce Pioneer, Halsey Minor Sees Great Potential Blockchain Technology

Halsey Minor is among one of the latest big names to venture into blockchain. Having founded Coinbase’s competitor Uphold, he went further down the rabbit hole launching VideoCoin, which describes itself as “video infrastructure for the blockchain-enabled internet.” Minor in the past has co founded Salesforce in 1999 and the … Read the rest