Driverless Vehicles or Autonomous Vehicles as they’re known are the next big Industrial Revolution that is about to happen. Taking advantage of this trend early on can put you at the forefront of many great inventions.

At present, Autonomous Cars and the awareness around it is still in it’s infancy, not many people are aware of how anyone can be a part of this revolution. Since, there are a lot of intermingling of disciplines that can benefit from this.

Our Primary goal is to create this community of learners, enthusiasts and experts in this emerging driverless / Autonomous car sector. ‘Programming A Driverless Car’ course is a first step in this direction, where we educate more people who aspire to foray into the world of driverless cars.

As part of the curriculum, We’ve included various basic building block concepts that you need to know, before making your first version. This should help you have a solid foundation, before you make a progress.

We’re excited to share this Course with you, so you can make most out of it. We look forward to welcoming you into the community.



  2. Linear Algebra FOR MACHINE LEARNING (Learn Now)

  3. INTRODUCTION TO Artificial Intelligence (Learn Now)

  4. Introduction to Supervised learning (Learn Now)

  5. Linear Regression (Learn Now)

  6. Clustering (Learn Now)
  7. Natural Language Processing (Learn Now)

  8. Support Vector Machine (Learn Now)

  9. Introduction to Robotics (Learn Now)

  10. Robotic System Architecture and Robotic Controls (Learn Now)

  11. Robotics actuators, Sensors, and Batteries (Learn Now)

  12. Programmable Systems and Microcontrollers (Releasing Soon)

  13. Serial Communication (Releasing Soon)

  14. Pulse Width Modulation (Releasing Soon)

  15. HC05 Interfacing (Releasing Soon)


  17. SELF DRIVING ROBOT (Releasing Soon)