Boston Based Self Driving Startup NuTonomy, Acquired By Delphi For $450 Million

  • Nutonomy is a Singapore & Boston based startup that is deep into Autonomous vehicles.
  • Delphi is one of the biggest manufacturers and the leading supplier of automobile parts and technology to Automotive companies. Their recent interest has been heavily into leading the Autonomous revolution.

Delphi acquires Nutonomy for $450 Million

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Samsung Goes All In, With Its Autonomous Venture – Throws In Another $300 Million

After its recent acquisition of high end audio equipment manufacturer Harman International Industries Inc., Samsung Electronics is angling to become the go-to supplier of everything from in-car entertainment to connected-auto services. With the deal, Samsung hope to marry its fast microprocessor and software technology with Harman’s infotainment and vehicle systems … Read the rest

Softbank Group To Invest $4B In Self-Driving Car Startup- Zoox

With discussions being in their early stages, Telecommunications group- Softbank is keen on funding autonomous vehicle startup Zoox. With Softbank openly admitting their interest in Zoox, the startup is also in talks with other unnamed potential investors.

Alongside a current valuation of more than $1.5 billion, sources say that Zoox’s … Read the rest

Ex Baidu Chief Scientist – Andrew Ng, Joins Silicon Valley’s Startup Drive.AI

Ex Baidu Chief Scientist - Andrew Ng, Joins Silicon Valley's Startup Drive.AI

Silicon Valley-based announced Tuesday that, Andrew Ng has joined its board of directors. Ng was the chief scientist at Chinese tech giant Baidu until March, and previously founded and led the Google Brain project, an artificial intelligence effort. “This is one horse worth betting on,” Ng told CNN Tech. … Read the rest