Audi’s New Semi-Autonomous Car Loaded With Intel Inside Processor. Here’s Why That Matters..

Intel announced on their website about the company’s involvement with Audi to bring about autonomous driving systems by 2018. The announcement was made after the Silicon Valley Business Journal published a report about Intel integrating its processors into the all new Audi A8.

Providing processors for Audi’s semi-autonomous vehicle – … Read the rest

Self-Driving Cars Will Navigate the U.S.-Canada Border

Automotive suppliers, Magna and Continental will soon test driverless vehicles traveling the border between the U.S. and Canada. Both companies will be experimenting with two self-driving cars. They will start their journeys in Michigan and ride all the way to Sarnia, located in Ontario. The vehicles will remain in full … Read the rest

Autonomous vehicle completes cross-country trip in Virginia

An autonomous vehicle has completed its round-trip cross-country journey at Virginia’s Executive Mansion.

It was reported that the all black Lexus RX hybrid ended the more than 5,300-mile (8,529-kilometer) trip Wednesday. The car set out July 7 from Washington, D.C., headed to Seattle, and then returned to Richmond, where it … Read the rest

Australia: Victorian government to trial driverless vehicles on public roads

The state government of Victoria, Australia formally approved their decision to test drive autonomous vehicles on two of the state’s major connecting motorways the CityLink and Tullamarine Freeway. Other auto makers like BMW, Mercedes,  Volvo and Tesla are also involved in this initiative. This 2 year project is divided … Read the rest

Buy these seven shares to profit from driverless cars and artificial intelligence

The thought of investing in technology companies are more likely to back painful memories of the tech bubble bursting at the turn of the millennium.

The current market scenario, isn’t really that complex when compared to two decades ago. Technology firms are typically more expensive to buy than the … Read the rest

First Glance At Google Waymo’s Autonomous Trucks

To test its real endurance and susceptibility Google , brought its Autonomous Trucks out to the road, to give it a test ride. Waymo, Google’s autonomous vehicle division, confirmed that it’s developing self-driving long-haul trucks earlier this month. Now we know what they look like.

The truck itself appears to … Read the rest

Get ready for the ‘droid’ of autonomous vehicles

With Google paving the way for mobile-device makers and wireless carriers to utilize the Android platform to its maximum potential, Chinese Internet company Baidu has drawn inspiration from this model. Baidu wants to replicate the same, with its driverless-car operating software.

A host of companies are climbing on board – … Read the rest