Hyundai to use HD maps to field self-driving cars at 2018 Winter Olympics

South Korea’s biggest automaker Hyundai, is leveraging the 2018 Pyeonchang Winter Olympics to demonstrate its latest self driving technology. For this, it has been keenly working with the South Korean Government. There are quiet a few challenges to accomplish this vision, of which one of the major challenges here would … Read the rest

Car Sales Gears Up For A New World Of Car Ownership

With the realization that in the long run a certain change is coming, businesses are gearing up for what could possibly be one of the biggest revolutions ever. Rapid development in autonomous driving technology and the popularity of car-share and ride-share services, have led some to predict private car ownership … Read the rest

UK Government Issues Cyber Security Guidelines For Driverless Cars

As car manufacturers ride along this new wave of automation, the need to secure these increasingly connected ‘devices’ becomes paramount and the UK government has been swift to take actions.

As vehicles are getting smarter by the day, cyber security in the automotive industry is becoming a grave concern. As … Read the rest