VLB – The Future Of Vehicle Lifecycle Management On The Blockchain

The auto industry is turning to blockchain to help manage a huge, complex ecosystem for the benefit of manufacturers, consumers and other market participants. At a time when the industry itself is changing, integrating processes within varied services and shop level operators seems pretty difficult. Blockchain technology offers the solution … Read the rest

Toyoda Gosei Co: Toyota’s Supplier To Resposition Itself For The Autonomous Era

Toyoda Gosei Co.’s President Naoki Miyazaki says it is time to reposition the parts maker for a high-tech era in which customers are clamoring for autonomous driving systems and electrification. Miyazaki, sees potential in evolving Toyoda Gosei’s product lineup and tapping sales beyond its traditional go-to customer and top shareholder, … Read the rest

Renault Partners With French Media Group – ‘Challenges,’ To Promote Autonomous Content

French Automakers, Renault has striked a deal with Media Group Challenges, to promote autonomous content on the internet. The company bought close 40% shares in the media outlet. With businesses moving online and realizing the importance of generating online traffic, Renault made a strategic investment for the future with this … Read the rest