VLB – The Future Of Vehicle Lifecycle Management On The Blockchain

The auto industry is turning to blockchain to help manage a huge, complex ecosystem for the benefit of manufacturers, consumers and other market participants. At a time when the industry itself is changing, integrating processes within varied services and shop level operators seems pretty difficult. Blockchain technology offers the solution … Read the rest

Bicycles Proving To Be A Major Cause Of Concern For Driverless Cars

Autonomous cars for sometime have struggle to detect and react to cyclists on the road. According to a report by the IEEE Spectrum, bicycles are generally considered “the most difficult detection problem” that autonomous vehicle systems face. Although the numbers are high, it isn’t surprising as human drivers themselves, have … Read the rest

After Years Of Struggle, New Zealand’s Driverless Dream Finally Sees Light

Auckland-based company HMI Technologies’s self-driving subsidiary- Ohmio is set to deploy its first shuttles at Christchurch Airport later this year. HMI Technologies began moving into self-driving vehicles in late 2016 when its chairman and co-founder, Mohammed Hikmet, realized autonomous vehicles were the way to go. In January 2017, trials were … Read the rest