JP Morgan Roles Out Numerous Number Of Blockchain Related Jobs

The largescale adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology became the talk of the town when mainstream companies started adopting it to rebuild their financial and organizational structure. JPMorgan became the biggest depository in the United States when it recently made news with the launch of its own cryptocurrency, JPM Coin. … Read the rest

India: Ernst & Young To Hire Over 2000 Employees To Work On Blockchain, AI

India: Ernst & Young To Hire Over 2000 Employees To Work On Blockchain, AI

“Big Four” auditor Ernst & Young will hire 2,000 employees in India to expand its digital solution services across blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), automation and tax technologies. EY is planning on recruiting the required new talent over the next three years, in parallel to its global plans to invest $1 … Read the rest

Expect Not Just Roads, But Also Factories To Change With The Onset Of Autonomous Tech

Automating the movement of materials within manufacturing operations is nothing new. Thanks to advancements in sensor technology, 3D camera systems, software and artificial intelligence, these machines are increasingly capable of seeing their environments and, more importantly, learning to identify what they’re seeing. More and more, factories are becoming home to … Read the rest

Driverless Cars: Creation Of New Jobs Could Revamp The Dying Motor Industry In Australia

As the key stakeholders – the automotive industry, government and the public of Australia are considering the influence of driverless technology in the future. Given the recent decline in Australia’s car manufacturing industry there is an optimistic belief that driverless cars could see the creation of new skilled jobs in … Read the rest

Driverless Industry Facing A Genuine Shortage Of Qualified And Experienced Engineers

With the number of companies experimenting with Driverless Technology surging, the industry is currently facing a huge deficit of qualified personnel. The gap puts a barrier in the overall expansion of the industry. A rather unique professional field, the industry for autonomous vehicle research demands a large number of experts … Read the rest