DATx: A Blockchain-Powered Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem

DATx: A Blockchain-Powered Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem

DATx is a new blockchain-based digital advertising terminal which aims to create a decentralized advertising ecosystem that is free from the major problems that traditional programmatic advertising faces. The concept is simple: to build an intelligent advertising ecosystem with blockchain-based decentralization as its foundation and Artificial Intelligence as its main … Read the rest

South Korea Edging Closer To Become The World’s Leading Market For Blockhain Technology

According to leading data and analytics firm GlobalData, South Korea is on its way to become a solid leader in the blockchain community. Businesses like Korea Telecom (KT), for example, are already working to determine how the blockchain can be used to lessen production expenses and generate new types of … Read the rest

Cathay Pacific Group Launches Asia Miles Marketing Campaing Using Blockchain Technology

The Cathay Pacific Group and its rewards programme, Asia Miles, are launching their first application of smart blockchain technology in a marketing campaign, in collaboration with Accenture. The innovative technology is at the core of a new platform and mobile application for a newly launched Asia Miles dining promotion in … Read the rest

Riding On Its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Zeto Hopes To Raise $20 Million

Smart refrigeration business Zeto is looking to raise €20m via an initial coin offering (ICO). The company’s software is designed to help customers, including Lidl, monitor their refrigeration in real-time. It raised €500,000 via a pre-sale last week. It’s one of the first ICOs by an Irish firm. Zeto, which

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Blockchain Tech Could Accelerate Graphics Rendering for VR & Visual Effects

Cloud-based graphics-rendering firm OTOY has introduced RNDR, “a blockchain-based rendering platform that leverages a distributed network of idle GPUs to render graphics more quickly and efficiently,” making the process of rendering and streaming virtual reality (VR) scenes easier for all users. RNDR is now announcing partnerships with blockchain developers … Read the rest