Yandex Tests Its Self Driving Cars In The Snow

Russian software giant Yandex took its prototype self-driving taxi out for its first real-world snow test last weekend. It says the Prius model prototypes clocked up 300km in total during the test. It’s put out a video demoing the two cars in action.

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We have been working to prepare algorithms for winter ‘at garage’ for a while, so last weekend tests in real world was just the first time we got all confirmations

– Dmitry Polishchuk, head of Yandex’s Taxi Self Driving Project

Yandex has not yet tested the self-driving prototypes on public roads where they will encounter their biggest challenge: Interacting with human drivers. It says it hopes to start public road tests next year, although that will also first require a thawing in the local regulatory landscape — as Russia currently prohibits the use of self-driving vehicles on public roads.


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